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Ger Apeldoorn

Freelance Puppet/Docker Consultant and Trainer Founder of ZelfstandigmetZorg BV

Ger is a highly recommended Linux expert who has specialised in Puppet and Docker because he loves the technology and what can be achieved using it.

Ger is trainer for the official Puppet, Docker and Hashicorp courses.



Your Puppet or Docker infrastructure is of vital importance to your organisation, therefore you do not want to be dependent on a third party. Unfortunately, many consulting firms have the tendency to build something, hand over the keys and wish you good luck. Ger does not share that philosophy and will design and builds together with your staff.


Ger can be hired for:

Ger has done talks at public events, like FOSDEM, PuppetConf and PuppetCamps.

You can find recommendations at Ger's LinkedIn page.

Current work activities

Puppet consultancy

Many companies

  • Setting up your Puppet Environment together with staff
  • Regular or incidental single-day visits to review Puppet scripts made by staff
  • Troubleshooting

I have a lot of experience undertaking Puppet Enterprise and Open-Source Puppet implementations in small and large environments.

A handful of componies I have consulted for: ASML, Bayer, KNAW, Morpho, CAIW, LOI, VU.

Puppet, Docker and Hashicorp trainer


I am the trainer for the official Puppet, Docker and Hashicorp courses in the Netherlands.

  • Puppet Fundamentals, Practitioner and Architect
  • Docker Fundamentals, Enterprise Ops and Security
  • Hashicorp's Consul, Vault and Terraform

For more information, have a look at





RoutineFactory (Dutch name: MijnEigenPlan) is an online environment with apps that helps people to be more self-sufficient by providing structure and helpers whenever needed.

We are currently focusing on the Dutch and Belgian care organizations. Independent research by the FieldLab (cooperation between three of the largest care-organizations in the Netherlands) provides evidence that it helps their clients to be more self-sufficient while it helps the care professionals save time.

If you want to learn more about MijnEigenPlan/RoutineFactory see or, or watch this video.

Technical training author

Udemy and others

I have written several Puppet-related trainings and workshops. Some as online video-courses, others to be delivered in the classroom.

For more information, have a look at

Past Work Experience

Linux admin (freelance)


I was responsible for the implementation of Redhat Linux, Satellite server, monitoring, automation with Puppet, Postfix mailservers with Mailscanner, Proxyservers with Dansguardian, many appservers with Tomcat, Apache webservers and reverse-proxies, MySQL, Postgresql etc.

I have implemented Puppet Enterprise with VMWare-integration at Fundeon, with which servers can be deployed and configured with a single command. This not only saves a lot of time and money on Linux administration, but also greatly improves reliability.

I am present about one day a week and helped a colleague to acquire the skills he needs for day-to-day operations.


Freelancen in de ICT

I have written this book for people that would like to work freelance in the IT business. When I started my own freelance business, it was sometimes hard to get contracts because of my acquisition tactics. This book has received some excellent reviews and will provide valuable insights to inexperienced freelancers.

It is available on my website and the regular bookstores.

Puppet consultancy


One of the implementations of the 'Manageable Puppet Infrastructure' was at Bayer Business Services.

Bayer was unable to allocate enough resources to migrate within a reasonable time, I offered to handle the implementation for them. (part-time)

  • Setting up the infrastructure according to the MPI
  • Support Multiple sysadmin groups/worldwide locations
  • Converting current script-based installation & configuration to Puppet

Unix admin (Freelance)


Re-hired to help out with an AIX migration project.

Senior Linux system engineer (Freelance)


Linux (and a bit of Solaris and AIX) sysadmin work at an ISP.

CFEngine, Apache, DRBD, High Availability, Postgres/MySQL, Mailservers etc.

Unix admin (Freelance)


AIX and Linux system administration

Many different projects varying from sysadmin work to maintaining some custom sysadmin-related software.

Technical specialist

Dutch National Crime Squad (KLPD)

I designed and implemented the Windows 2000 network. It spanned 5 locations and had about 400 users.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information I was screened thoroughly by the secret service. Network & IT Security was also a top-priority.

I left the police when the IT was thoroughly restructured and my position came to an end.

IT specialist


Linux (and a bit of Windows) sysadmin work.


Puppet & automation

  • I work with Puppet on a daily basis, am the trainer for the Netherlands area and continually expand my knowledge through conferences and reading.
  • I have given talks at various conferences like PuppetConf, FOSDEM, NLUUG and PuppetCamps. Example


Although I entered the Docker-world recently (2017), the build-up of knowledge is intense. Some examples of my endevours:

  • Converting my own web-environment to Docker containers
  • Running a Training environment of MijnEigenPlan on Docker
  • Participating in Docker Accredited Instructor-sessions and then teaching Docker Fundamentals and Docker for Enterprise Operations
  • Attending DockerCon with the Networking workshop
  • Attending the Managing Traditional Applications consultancy-course
  • Attending the Docker Datacenter accelerator training


As a business owner, I wear many hats.
  • Sales/Marketing
  • HR
  • Product development
  • Finance

Linux & Co

I have extensive experience with the Linux platform and the open-source server software that runs on it.

I have mostly used RedHat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu.

A few examples of used software/technologies:

  • Databases (MySQL and Postgresql)
  • Mailservers (Postfix, Sendmail etc.)
  • Tomcat
  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • High Availability (Heartbeat, DRBD etc.)
  • ... and many more...

Sharing knowledge

I always enjoy sharing knowledge, not only when I'm teaching Puppet courses. I like the challenge of restructuring something really difficult into a string of easily understood concepts, a skill that also comes in handy when writing proper documentation.

On a Puppet implementation, I always ensure that the job is done together with the regular sysadmins that will manage it in the future.


I can also provide a workshop about the Manageable Puppet infrastructure so the entire team knows how to work together on the Puppet infrastructure.


Hogeschool Windesheim

From 2002 - 2005

Bachelor of Engineering
Known in the Netherlands as "HBO/Hogere Informatica".


From 2017

Train the Trainer, MTA

I teach the official Docker courses in several countries and was among the first 100 beta-testers of the Certification exam, which I passed.

Currently, I am one of the Fundamentals, Enterprise Operations and Security course trainers.

Consul, Vault and Terraform

From 2016

Train the trainer
Since 2016 I have been delivering courses on Consul, Vault and Terraform. To prepare, I traveled to San Francisco for a custom Train the Trainer session.


From 2012

Puppet Professional and Developer

I teach the official PuppetLabs courses and travel to events related to Puppet multiple times a year. (PuppetConf (USA), PuppetCamps in Europe and CFGMGMT camp (Belgium). I have passed the Puppet Professional exam with a 96% score and am the second person in the world to pass the Developer Exam.

Currently, I am the trainer of the Fundamentals, Practitioner and Architect courses in the Netherlands.

OpenStack Bootcamp



Joined the OpenStack bootcamp for 3 days:


Used an OpenStack environment for hands-on access initially via GUI-based tools, then via ssh and command-line interaction. Topics covered: Achitecture, component interaction, configuration, deployment, tuning, operations and troubleshooting.

RedHat Linux


RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

I have done the accelerated course at RedHat and took the two exams (for RHCSA and RHCE certifications) on the final day.

Other Linux

from 2007


LPI (Linux Professional Institute) is a platform-independent certification. At the time I was getting these certifications, LPI-2 was the highest available. Later, I got the higher valued RedHat certification.



CompTIA Security+

The accompanying security course gave many insights into security aspects.