MPI – Add Contributor/Clone Project

Written by Ger Apeldoorn on. Posted in Manageable Puppet Infrastructure, Sysadmin


This is about downloading a single repository for someone that contributes code. For a full developer environment on the Puppet master, see the SETUP instructions.

Add contributor in Gerrit

If you are not yet known in Gerrit as a contributor, a few things need to be set up:

  • Add user to /etc/httpd/htpasswd_gerrit on the Gerrit server
# htpasswd /etc/httpd/htpasswd_gerrit contributor
New password:
Re-type new password:
Adding password for user contributor

Generate a SSH keypair (if needed)

$ ssh-keygen
Login to Gerrit with the web-interface and fill the form. Paste the public-key in the box. (This enables repo access over SSH to the Gerrit server)


Clone repository

Go to the projects page (1), click “List” (2) and select the project you want to clone. Click SSH (3) and then the copy icon to copy the command to clipboard (4).


Use the script to create a new dev-environment on the master: Click here